105 North Main Street
St. Charles MO, 63301

Welcome to Our Deli!


We have the best deli products around & an atmosphere to match.  We also have a wide variety grocery products now!

Try us & you'll be convinced!  The Boar's Head deli products that we have choosen to serve are authentic &  time-tested.  The ingredients are always fresh, gluten free & we choose to prepare all sandwiches sliced to order.  The result?  A menu that bursts with flavor.

Let's talk service.  We have it in spades.  Our dedicated staff is attentive & knowledgeable.  Did we mention friendly?  When you work with us, you're always in good hands.  Even when you cater with us!

Stop in the next time you're in the St. Charles historical neighborhood & enjoy an old favorite.  Or, discover a new one.  Either way, we'll treat you to a great experience that's unparalleled.

Take a look at our new section- GROCERIES!  We now have a large line of produce, meat & cheese by the pound- why visit the large grocery store, where they probably don't know you by name.  Visit us, for your grocery needs- bread, meat, cheese, produce & other pantry items.  Check back often, as we continue add more and more items to this area.  Get that home town feel; see us for some grocery needs & we'll call you by name!

He who hesitates
won't get a plate

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The proof's in
the menu

Feast your eyes on Boar's Head award-winning deli meats & cheeses

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